With my husband, Marv

Meet Evelyn Marshall


As an English major

Once upon a time I entered UCLA as a Theatre Arts major.  A person has to try on a major to see if it fits. This one did not. After a year-and-half of seeming to study, I realized that I was not. I walked away from academia.


Later I married and returned to academia as an English major–at the University of California at Northridge where the class sizes were small.  It was a fit. I was invited into the Honors Program. My intention was to become a high school English teacher.

I tried on three years of teaching and discovered that it, too, was not a fit.

I became a mother. That fit perfectly.

During the next twenty years I continued to read the great writers: Melville and Moliere, Henry James and Tolstoy.

Then came an afternoon when our daughter came home from high school with a girlfriend who announced, “My mother is writing a novel.”

What?! I telephoned the mother who told me she was in a novels workshop. And so my life changed. Six novels later and a collection of short stories!

Life, Love, & Travel

My novels and stories are the outgrowth of my reading, my relationships, and my travels.