Evelyn's Blog for Wed., February 13, 2019 - CONFESSION


Here it is. My newest work is now on Kindle.  I told you about it, but the cover is now here, thanks to Brian Vermeire.  This is his fourth cover for me (“The Romantic Imperative” and “Incident in the Family” and “The Debt”).

FRONT COVER (click to enlarge)

BACK COVER (click to enlarge)

“The Piano Player” was first a short story, then a full novel, and then a screenplay.  It came to its best home as a novella.  I met my editor Trai Cartwright in the early stages and it was she who told me that I’m a romantic writer with a lyrical voice.

Note: A romantic writer is NOT a romance writer. In fact, anyone who reads my material will say, “Oh no. She is not a romance writer. Anything but.” Instead, I treat aspects of love stories, bringing the people into the “real” world.


I write the type of material I want to read. Toni Morison did. I often regretted that I started writing fiction so late in life; I thought I had wasted decades. But now, I realize that I started writing only when I had something to say.  If I had started in my twenties, oh what gibberish I would have concocted. But when I finally did begin to write, my novel THE PROVIDER set my course.

And so, in writing ALL aspects of the romantic spirit, I have begun a new novel: THE WOMEN WHO REFUSED TO GROW OLD. These are women (and men) of a “certain age.”  The term refers to people who are no longer young but not yet old".

Finally, when you read the novella THE PIANO PLAYER and SELECTED SHORT STORIES, you will come upon even more aspects of this theme.  They are infinite in their variety as are we.

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