Evelyn's Blog for April 14, 2018 - WRITERS AT WORK


Arthur Miller built this shed (he was a proficient carpenter), and after he completed it he went inside and wrote "Death of a Salesman" in six weeks.

The interior is typical of many writers' sheds: isolated, pristine, spare, without distractions.

The best I have ever seen was John Le Carre's (the author of "Tinker Tailor, Spy" fame):


If you think I'm going to show you mine, think again. It doesn't qualify. I share a writing room with my husband. Marv writes nonfiction at one end of the room; I write fiction at the other end. We write standing up, even though rolling chairs wander around the center of the room . Surrounding us, studding the walls, is a printer, fax machine, copy machine, and multiple telephones, and a radio that plays music all day. Books line the walls, our desks are cluttered with notes, and spaghetti wires weave along the bottom walls. 

I once asked my girlfriend Joni Gordon (deceased) how she can have privacy in a house with a fultime housekeeper. She replied, "Privacy comes from within."

I am at work at my desk, on my new book, AFTER TWENTY YEARS, which is a collection.  The collection includes a novella with the same name as the book's title, four short stories, and one flash fiction.  I am doing the final edit, and am quite excited. 

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