Evelyn's Blog for May 5 - MOTHER-IN-LAW vs. DAUGHTER-IN-LAW



Mother-in-law/daughter-in-law issues loom to the front in the inter-cultural marriage between a Jewish young man and a Gentile young woman. Bound as a book, “The Debt” is really a 19-page tale based on a true story. You will find it smack-dab in the middle of my string of books on my Amazon website:  Amazon.com/author/evelynmarshall/

Although many of my stories find their way into my novels, “The Debt” stands alone. As you may remember, it was a Finalist for Literary Fiction with Glimmer Train (extremely prestigious) and I had Piper Press publish it as a slim book. 

In case any of you don’t already know, Piper Press is my husband Marv’s press (PiperPress.com). I don’t reap currency from his press because it is a brand for non-fiction books on the subject of STRESS (for teachers, parents, anyone) and he’s a world-class authority on the subject. Piper Press publishes my works because Marv likes my cooking, but Piper Press does not advertise my wares. Not a match! Despite this, Marv and I are a match. We have been married for a heap of years and are still in love. Marv doesn’t cook.


Now, back to the point. I just entered the Drue Heinz Short Story Collection competition (breathtakingly prestigious). In my collection, I included the tale “The Debt.” 

However, the title of my submission takes its lead from the short story, “Through the Years.” For those of you who have read my novel THE PROVIDER, please note that it was first written as a short story titled, “Through the Years.”


I am considering having Piper Press doing a slim volume of that story. What should I prepare for dinner?


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