Evelyn's Blog for Sat., May 26, 2018 - Reviewing "THE WAY THEY SEE"


"THE WAY THEY SEE" concerns a couple, once in love, who meet again after 25 years. This is a story about "unintended lives." 

Here is the opening paragraph of "THE WAY THEY SEE" — 


Susannah Lindstrom could not mark the day she fell in love with Sam Geddes because they played together as children and then as teenagers and all through high school. And Sam loved her, too. Then Sam went off to college in 1953, out of their small town. And Susannah waited for his return. And waited.




“Simply stated, Evelyn Marshall has a true novelist’s gift for storytelling. In 'The Way They See', she has created characters whom the reader quickly becomes attached to and a literary roller coaster of a ride that grasps the reader’s total attention. Thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end, 'The Way They See' will have particular appeal for women readers and would make a decidedly popular addition to community library Fiction collections.”
- Midwest Book Review


"Rendered with enchanting details describing mundane activities such as putting the kettle on, 'The circular blue flame puffed alive and began its jittery dance'. 'The Way They See' by Evelyn Marshall is a romantic tale that portrays the tragedy defined by great expectations dashed."
- Portland Book Review (5 Stars)


"I really savored this book. I didn't want it to end. This is the second book I've read by Evelyn Marshall and so enjoy the way she writes. I kept going back to the book every little bit of free time I had and looked forward to bedtime so I could keep reading. Her writing style is so descriptive that I feel like I'm right there with her characters and seeing everything with my own eyes. The adjectives and adverbs she employs add so much richness to the scenes she describes, its truly a pleasure to enjoy."
- Lisa Sandoval (Amazon, 5 Stars)


"I loved the book - I was so afraid there weren't enough pages left for it to end up "right"! But there were!"
 Judith Lott (GoodReads, 5 of 5 Stars)


"Loved this book! The story of Sam and Susannah is so amazing and triumphant. I can't wait to read more by Evelyn Marshall."
- Michelle Pittman (GoodReads, 5 of 5 Stars) 



PHILIP ROTH DIED on May 22  - AGE 85.

Will he receive the Nobel Prize for Literature posthumously?

His works are addictive. Read one and you'll read ten. If you read only two, I suggest his masterpiece "American Pastoral." Also read "The Human Stain."

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