Evelyn's Blog for Sat., June 9, 2018 - AGAIN, THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE


THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE is my most ambitious novel, so far.  This means that the theme is large and brings in several smaller plots on the same theme that could have stood alone as novels.  

In THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE, young Vida Cleary says, “Every woman believes in the possibility of the Great Romance. It is her birthright.” 

The author added, “Our birthright is always at risk in the face of reality.”

SYNOPSIS: Vida marries her romantic ideal, Dorsey Danzie: rich, flamboyant, brilliant, and elusive. The following morning, Dorsey drops a bomb – presumably a cock-‘n-bull story she must accept. Vida reacts by fleeing to Southern California where for the next twenty-five years she raises her daughter (and Dorsey’s) and writes best selling novels that eviscerate the value of romance. The day arrives when she confronts Dorsey.

Lisa Sandoval (Amazon 5 stars)
July 14, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Great Read!
It was a pleasure to have an opportunity to read and enjoy another one of Evelyn Marshall’s works. I love the way she tells a story and how descriptively she writes. Do yourself a favor, pick up The Romantic Imperative and read it. I was thoroughly entertained and was wishing it wouldn’t end.

Bonnie Sanabrais (Amazon 5 stars)
July 11, 1017
Kindle Edition
You are such a good writer! 
Riveting story of several people and their relationships over the decades beginning with high school and ending up years later. Surprising ending!

Arlene C. Germann (Amazon 5 stars) Retired School Teacher.
July 9, 2017
Kindle Edition
A Reading Gift!
I know I’m a romantic when I say that I love Evelyn Marshall’s books because they fill my heart with characters whose dilemmas feel like actual memories after I have read them.  Evelyn weaves a fabric of human destinies that warms my life and satisfied my appetite for human drama. The Romantic Imperative contains vivid characters to argue with and love. It will be a  worthy contribution to the planetary literature collection. Thanks Evelyn!

Andrea Tabor (Amazon 5 stars) July 8, 2017
Kindle Edition
A Must Read!
Another gripping novel by Evelyn Marshall

Alma Herman (Amazon 5 stars)
I loved all of the twists and turns and character development. Things are not always like they seem and neither are people at times.

Linda Allison (Fiction Writer)
In THE ROMANTIC IIMPERATIVE, Evelyn Marshall has written a clever tale of a young girl disillusioned about romantic love. Evelyn writes with wit and wisdom.


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