Evelyn's Blog for Wed., July 18, 2018 - I WRITE FOR “THE OLDER AND WISER GAL”


Professor Harold Hill sang the following words in “The Music Man”: 

“I cheer, and I rave, for the virtue I'm too late to save, the sadder but wiser girl for me... I smile, I grin when the gal with a touch of sin walks in / I hope and I pray for Hester to win just one more "A" / The sadder but wiser girl's the girl for me / The sadder but wiser girl for me.”

As you know, all of my writings treat aspects of male/female relationships, bringing romantics into the real world. 


Did I set out from the beginning to write novels on this theme? 

Answer: The first novel I wrote was THE PROVIDER, my parents’ love story.  The novel was all around me. I grew up with it. There was no way that I could not see it and write it. This novel set my course.

All of my writings are seeded in a love story, but are not romances. 

Here are the two protagonists of that first novel, THE PROVIDER: my parents, young and beautiful. The little boy is my older brother. The year is 1929. The Great Depression has hit.


Of the hundreds of people who have read this novel, and who sighed and laughed and cried, only one reviewer wrote: “When my adult women’s book group praised it, I eagerly looked forward to reading it. But when I did, I didn’t think there was anything to it. I was bored.”  

May I quote Mel Brooks: “She didn’t get it!”

I think of that reviewer who “didn’t get it” and surmise that she was never a romantic.  

ALL of my writings are for older and wiser gals and guys. They are adult stories.

THE PROVIDER (2012) - Russian Jewish immigrant novel, 1922 to 1960’s, of a couple seeking the American Dream. She achieves it; he doesn’t. 

THE WAY THEY SEE (2013) - Young couple in love come upon a misconception of each other and go their separate ways into unintended lives for twenty-five years.  They meet again.

CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER (2014) - A cautionary tale of a jilted woman driven to swindling fortune hunters

THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE (2017) – Too much romanticism leads to delusion about the real world, while an absence of the romantic imperative leads to self-deprivation. 

AN INCIDENT IN THE FAMILY (2017) – IN 1925, an uncle marries his niece. They have two  daughters: the elder is born normal, the younger is vastly retarded. In 1935, during The Great Depression, the father takes the then six-year-old daughter into the garage, closes the door, and turns on the motor. (Based on a true story).

AFTER TWENTY YEARS – a Collection of Short Stories reflecting the title.  To be published in 2019.

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