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On Monday, 8-13-2018, I met with the Desert Senior Moments book club to discuss my novel CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER. I enjoyed myself immensely while the members sipped champagne, delved into chocolates, and expressed their opinions about the novel.

Q: Was the novel too heavily loaded for revenge? The ending was such a surprise. I was hoping for a different ending.

A: This novel is advertised as a cautionary tale. It IS a revenge novel.  As such, we learn that revenge doesn’t satisfy. People must pay for crimes they commit. This is not a romantic novel.

Q: Is this a novel for women more than for men?

A:  YES.  And yet, one of my male readers from Goodreads wrote in October of 2014:  

Wow! Marshall can write! This book is a page turner, a plot so unusual, characters that are really different and one you cannot, just cannot put down. Though the main character is very flawed you cannot help but be on her side as she moves through problems to destiny. If you like books that are compelling, enjoyable, a little on the dark side you will certainly like this book.
— J. Robert Ewbank, Author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms", "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"


Q: Does the novel have any sympathetic characters?

A: Is that really necessary? Ahab in MOBY-DICK wasn’t. Nor was Lear, Hamlet, Ivan Ilych, Bartleby, Flaubert’s MADAME BOVARY, or Edith Wharton’s Undine Spragg in the wonderful novel THE CUSTOM OF THE COUNTRY. 

On the other hand, the “situation” in the novel CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER is definitely sympathetic to women, starting with the main character Georgia who was jilted. Then add Francine, Lavelle Foosie, and Kit—all of whom felt the stings of unfaithfulness. 

Most of the members at the Meetup used words like “compelling” and “endlessly entertaining,” and “this would make a good movie”. They were referring to the writer’s voice.


I was totally taken back with how much I loved this book! Starting out, this book just felt so much more sophisticated and intelligent than most of the books I have read recently. I felt like I was reading a classic.

Georgia Stekker was a starry-eyed dreamer who was full of life and plans for the future. She felt things [too] deeply and she loved too much. She got mixed up with the wrong kind of man and, after his betrayal, was never the same again. Her intensity in the years to come was turned toward an elaborate scheme to see her former lover burn.

Georgia was so easy to relate to and it was really fascinating to observe her character development throughout the story. This book seems to me to be a warning to those who want revenge. Georgia devoted her entire life toward her revenge strategy and totally lost herself. She was so successful and she had so much potential but she gave up true happiness to see Larry go down in flames.
— Emily Cargyle

This book is a meticulous study of neurosis and revenge when a young woman is unable to get over being ditched by her lover.

Georgia Stekker is very beautiful, extremely intelligent, and smart in money matters. She is also poor in a rich man’s world which is why her fortune hunter boyfriend dumps her for another, wealthy woman.

Following a nervous breakdown after the breakup, Georgia learns from a disillusioned older woman how to deceive and rip off men who prey on women. As a spurned woman, Georgia is a fury waiting to be unleashed and for a long time she takes it out on other men. Until she realizes her only option is revenge; show the bastard what he lost and then get even with him.

Writing is very good; starts off a bit old-fashioned and alters in keeping with the times. I liked how the author dropped clues as to time changes through clothing, hair color, men’s dress, and speech.

This insightful book took this reader into the heart of the matter but not into the heart of the protagonist. Georgia always remains distant, someone the reader can admire and even understand, but never get close to.
— Penelope James (Rated it 5 out of 5 Stars)


Susan, thank you so much for this opportunity to talk (via ZOOM) with you and your book club.  It was great fun, as I expected.


Toni Morrison, Nobel winner for Literature, said, “If there is a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it".

That’s the way I feel about my novel THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE.

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