Evelyn's Blog for Wed., 8-22-2018 - REPORT on BOOK CLUB


Following my exciting book club Zoom session with Desert Senior Moments, I spent the next two days sending out zillions of emails to book clubs on the meetups circuit. I was stimulated to move forward with this promotion avenue.

Some of you are unfamiliar with Zoom. (It is like Skype but compatible with iMac.)

In case any of you want to take advantage of Zooming for your group (with any of my novels), please know that it is FREE. At my end I purchased the Zoom. I send you an invitation as my guest. You click on. It looks like this:

Hi there:

You are invited to a Zoom meeting now. 

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/7143367007

Easy! We can have some trial runs. Simply give me your email address and the time you would like to chat.

MORE DISCUSSION at the Meetup on 8-13-18

For those of you who want to know from whence came (tra la la) the original idea for the novel CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER, I did not conjure it out of thin air. Do you recall the early scene at the party where Georgia’s date left her alone in the dining room for the entire evening? Her date had abandoned her. That really happened to me. I was Georgia.

Interestingly, my girlfriend (an adorable girl in anyone’s eyes) was similarly abandoned on a dance floor.  He simply left. What had happened? I believe we scared those fellows off. In fact, my girlfriend looked a lot like this gal. And was just as jolly.


All of my novels are somewhat autobiographical. THE DINNER PARTY, which I have not yet published, is my “other” revenge novel (Stekker being a revenge novel). In THE DINNER PARTY, I was taking revenge on an English professor whom I detested. So wonderful!  

At the Zoom meeting, I also told the story about how I came to be a writer. I was searching for a long time. When the idea of joining a novels workshop was introduced to me, my lifetime of stored-up ambition exploded. THE PROVIDER was an obvious first novel for me. It was my parents’ story surrounding me and begging to be written. When I began the EDITing of it (again and again). I saw the writer for the first time. And when I saw it, I said, “Of course.”


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