Evelyn's Blog for Oct 7, 2017 - Writers' Insomnia

Thinking about a novel in progress is so fascinating and complicated, loaded with so many possibilities, that the mind cannot turn off. Consequently, insomnia springs up as an unwelcomed monster. Curses and hot oil on the Black Dragon.


I start my day with three intense hours of writing. After that, I live a regular day and don't think about the novel in progress.  BUT come bedtime, 


 i'm back in my own bed, and here comes the Black Dragon. It's an all-nighter. 


Do you have any idea what it's like to start a new day after being up staring into the darkness for 8 hours? Here is a photo of me after completing THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE. 


And here is a photo of me after writing AN INCIDENT IN THE FAMILY:



About every 3-4 nights, I do get a good night of sleep because my body can't take it any longer.


So you want to write your novel? Go ahead.

OR, you may want to read one of my short stories, "The Debt,"  about a Jewish man who wants to/and marries a gentile woman (click the button below and enjoy!). This was honored by one of the most prestigious literary journals, Glimmer Train.