Where do writers get their ideas?  Jerry Seinfeld was asked that, being a comedian. Felix Unger (“The Odd Couple”) was asked that, being a journalist.

In my last blog (Oct. 14), I mentioned that Henry James was sitting across the dinner table from a father/daughter couple who inspired him to write the novel “Washington Square” that was turned into the film “The Heiress”.

So where did I get my idea to write THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE? I’m glad you asked.

Marv and I were in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the gift shop.

You would agree that museums have fabulous gift shops. I wandered over to a wall covered with postcards showing great paintings. Suddenly my eyes fell on a scene painted by the French painter Edouard Manet, titled “Interior of Arcachon, 1871” (15/1/2 x 21 inches).  The composition was of an old mother and a dilatant son sitting at a table. She was looking out the window, and he was smoking his cigarette and gazing at her. I said to myself, I know these people. They are rich and colorful. I want to write their story. 


For those of you who have already read the novel THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE, you can easily guess that here are Ardita And Dorsey Danzie. For those of you yet to read the novel, you will have this painting in mind. Perfect.

People think that writerly seeds automatically sprout from travels. Not for me, and I’m very much traveled. Travels are respites.  In fact, I never have insomnia on trips. Only when I get home and again think about my project does the insomnia machine revv up.

By the way, here is a review of CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER, written on Amazon by  C. Burleson (April 18, 2017):

"From the cover of this book, I didn't quite know what to think this story would hold. I actually truly enjoyed the characters and their interactions, they became real and interesting. This book has an unusual writing style and I loved it. It flows, by the third chapter I was hooked. I also enjoy a book with a very unique story line."

I'll give you the SEED for this novel. Are you ready? I was the girl at the party who was left stranded at the table. 


I hope C. Burleson subscribes to my blog, just as I hope you recommend the blog site for your friends. (www.EvelynMarshall.com)  


I so much like hearing  a reader tell me how much she/he is enjoying my blogs.

ALERT:  Here is the first review on Amazon for "Incident in the Family":


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