Evelyn's Blog for Nov 4, 2017 - THE END OF A NOVEL


Before I start writing any novel, I always have a good general idea of the ending.  I don’t  know exactly how I will get there (which is half the fun), and I always meet with surprise upon surprise, but I generally come to the conclusion that isn’t far from what I originally  planned, but it’s more embellished, more complicated. If I am writing correctly, then all the ends tie together.


But then I wrote AN INCIDENT IN THE FAMILY.  It was an odd duck ...


... because it presented a beginning situation and I had no idea how it would resolve itself.

After I finished the novel, I said, "Now Evelyn, what have you written?" And what I discovered was enlightening.

I wrote the novel from Tamma’s point of view (POV). But, my favorite character, by far, was Rachel. No one could touch her. She outran everyone for sheer fascination. When I came to the end of the novel, Rachel showed up like the cavalry ...


... and I saw that it was her novel.  The character Tamma drove the plot forward in her search for answers and a happy life - she was not the main character. Rachel was.

Read the novel for yourself. You'll see how it worked.


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