Evelyn's Blog for NOV 19, 2017 - RIVER CRUISE ON THE DANUBE


My husband Marv and I will be river cruising through Eastern Europe in December while you lovely people are holiday shopping in the United States. Our itinerary is as follows: Prague, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau, Melk, Vienna, and Budapest.  

The cruise is also titled:  CHRISTMAS MARKETS ON THE DANUBE.

I asked: What are the Christmas Markets?

Answer: Christmas Markets are a major attraction for tourists and locals. 



Repeat visitors talk about the aromas of potato pancakes, gingerbread, cinnamon, and hot glug. 

I want to look at folk art. I promised our formatter to bring her a troll. Her husband is part Norwegian and they display a couple of trolls all year long. I asked her to send me a photo so that I don't bring her trolls she already has.


There will be lots of Christmas ornaments, hand-carved wooden crafts, candies and pastries. We will stuff some of this in our luggage for holiday gifts.




We will NOT be thinking of you shoppers in the U.S. — bleary-eyed, exhausted, hungry, and cranky.  



We WILL be thinking about smart people who buy on line.

She's ordering my books from Amazon to send as gifts.

She's ordering my books from Amazon to send as gifts.

NOTE: Early in 2018, I will be adding two new novels: THE DINNER PARTY and THE PIANO PLAYER.  They are both ready to publish, but I'm holding back. You have enough choices for 2017, don't you think? Until then, Marv and I will be eating turkey, and then sailing. 


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