European Immigrants Are Not My Only Subject

July 12, 2011

Russian immigrants are not my only subject. They were my first subject, for my first novel THE PROVIDER. I have gone on to write other novels and short stories.

So often, I find that a writer’s first or early novels are autobiographical: Saul Bellow’s THE ADVENTURES OF AUGIE MARCH, James Joyce’s PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN, Thomas Hardy ‘s JUDE THE OBSCURE, and on and on. 

Well, I didn’t quite go that way. I wrote my parents’ European immigrant story, as I learned about it and watched it. It is not the immigrant classic of  rags-to-riches. THE PROVIDER is a classic of another kind. 

I suppose had I started writing as a girl, I would have used my parents for material in my short stories. Piece by piece, with each episode. But I did not write as a girl.  I started writing decades later as a mature adult, and by then I had  the complete story. It fell upon me. 
And now, I am glad I waited for adulthood so I could fully understand.

THE PROVIDER will be in print in just a few months. If you like previews of coming attractions, the first chapter is on my website: