November 14, 2011 

Jay Greenberg is a twelve-year-old prodigy the caliber of Mozart and Beethoven. (Watch this video:

Since age 2, Jay was writing down his music and could play a musical instrument at first exposure. He is no mere savant who reproduces what he hears in the outside world; this is a boy whose mind and body have been possessed by original music. The music comes to him fully orchestrated; he claims to have no control. Sometimes he hears more than one composition simultaneously, calling it “multiple channeling.” The Julliard Institute claims that his kind has not been seen in 200 years. The Julliard Institute has been his home since the age of 10; The New Haven  Orchestra is performing his music. He has composed five full-length symphonies by the age of 12, while some composers do that in a lifetime.

By analogy, this explains the argument to the question, Who was Shakespeare? I was one of those who adamantly believed Shakespeare did not have the education and exposure to write what is attributed to him.  I have changed my mind after seeing this video.

We fiction writers, on a more modest scale, have our visiting Muse. And often, as with Jay, we have no control over the ideas or the characters or the run on language and imagery in our head. They come to us fully realized. The Editing Muse is still  another Force.

But our bodies have not been taken over, as our sci-fi writers would say of aliens.  But surely, Jay’s mind is taking orders.

Still another commonality is that when an idea is filling Jay’s head, he has to get it out. So it is with us.