In the Meantime, I Chew a Lot of Gum

October 4, 2011

No tags for this blog, for the search engines. I couldn’t care less. I simply want to get something off my chest.

As soon as I confront my blank blog site, I jam a stick of chewing gum in my mouth to help me get through it. I post writerly writerlies around the perimeter of the subject of my novel but not directly about the novel itself being prepared for publication.  I do blog about the American Dream which is a major theme of my novel. But other than that, I think  people should have a chance to read the novel, THE PROVIDER before I  blog directly about it.  My gum chewing, therefore, has been ongoing with such growing intensity that my teeth are beginning to heat up.  The formatter needs more time; the cover artist needs more time, so I apologize  to the people lined up to contribute testimonials. Delay follow delay follow delay. And therefore, the state of the author is not terrific. I am beginning to turn comatose. I want to concentrate on my newest novel (that makes number 6), but I am told constantly that I must attend Facebook and all of the groups thereunto.

So I attended. I offered to one or two writers group a discussion question: What is voice? Not everyone has it. Well, that discussion is still raging; lots of people are having fun wrestling with it.

The I offered another discussion question to still another writers group the following: Someone said, “You are a master of tone.” What does that mean? Well, that discussion is also raging, and lots of people are having fun wrestling with it, too.

But what kind of a lifestyle is this?  Will one stick of gum eventually lead to two sticks of gum?

I’m going to turn my attention to my newest effort, a novel entitled THE WILL. And rest my jaws. Now I feel better.