September 15, 2011

The debate over self-publishing versus trade publishing is raging without end at Fiction Writers Bureau, and out there all over the land.

The debate is mute as soon as writers learn that trade publishers have been reduced to mere printers in this electronic revolution while still collecting 75-80% of the royalties. And the writers are asked to do their own marketing. So who needs the trade publishers?

I made my decision to self-publish THE PROVIDER. So here I am going through the loops: working with a formatter, reading the galleys over and again, working with the cover artist, collecting testimonials, etc., and finding that the process takes a great deal of time. But is fascinating.

I have lined up contests and review journals to which I will submit the book after it has been printed (eBook and hardcopy). Then I heard that Library Journal does not review self-published authors. (But Booklist does and Midwest. And there are others.)

But suddenly I realized that I am not self-publishing at all. My husband who is the CEO of the non-fiction publishing house Piper Press has offered to carry my novel. I have four other novels. It seems, therefore, that Piper Press may be embracing these as well and therefore expanding. But please do not send him manuscripts. This is a family affair.

I understand that some authors even create their own small publishing houses to launch their first book.