November 28, 2011

Ruth Stone, poet, won the National Book Award at 87 and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist at 93. I read about her this morning in the Obituaries of the LA Times.

When I started writing my blogs in May of 2011, I wrote about Dick Wimmer who had been turned down by publishers and agents 162 times over more than 25 years. He once laid claim to being history’s most-rejected published novelist. He ultimately was published and received rave reviews from The New York Times, calling his novel Irish Wine a “taut, finely written, exhaustingly exuberant first novel.”

Now comes Ruth Stone’s obituary. If I may quote the newspaper: Her poems were brief and cataloged what she called “that vast/confused library, the female mind.” She wrote about milk bottling, her grandmother’s hair, and of random thoughts while hanging laundry, which included Einstein’s mustache and the eyesight of ants.

How can you not be inspired, you late bloomers. The day is young. I am one of you. My novel will be launched in February: The Provider.