Literary Fiction or Historical Fiction? – THE PROVIDER

March 11, 2012

THE PROVIDER falls under the category of Literary Fiction.

If there were a category labeled Immigrant Fiction, this novel would qualify. Although, the problems in the novel could apply as well to American-born people.

There is another possible category: historical fiction. Possible?  Well, yes. The time frame is 1920’s to 1960’s in the United States with flashbacks to earlier times in Europe. It includes an episode in Ellis Island, in World War I in Russia, in the Russian Revolution, but it does not lie heavily in these episodes. It dwells for a longer time in the Great Depression and in the Russian/Jewish-American community. It cuts a long slash into World War II on both sides of the world.

But  for someone interested primarily in historical fiction, THE PROVIDER will lead them to a different place. And where is that? Into a study of character.  Into the lives of a married couple as they search for the American Dream.    It is a study of character change, and growth into unexpected maturity.