The Book Launch

March 5, 2012

I just held my Book Launch for THE PROVIDER. In preparing my presentation, I went around surveying people about what they wanted  to hear at a book launch. Invariably they said they wanted to hear about the author: how the author started her writing life, even if it was  started at age 12.

They also  wanted to know why the author wrote this particular novel.

Even though  they said they wanted to hear something about the novel, they did not want me to “give it away.” A non-fiction author can talk until  blue in the face, giving away all kinds of details and still not covering the book. But a work of fiction  is an “experience,” so I talked around the outside of the book.

Here is the sheet of paper with the speech:

* Opener

* Talk about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  generation Americans.

* Why a novel (versus non-fiction or a memoir)

* Why this novel

* My history

* The novel’s history

* Read excerpt

* Tell story from the novel

* Tell story about a time after the novel is written

* Ask for reviews for Amazon

* Q and A session

* Mention next novel