The Muse and the Visitation

December 11, 2011

Many month ago, I started a discussion about the nature of the Muse. The discussion is long-running on several writer group sites. Writers are fascinated with the subject, offering lavish explanations.

I learned about the Muse when I contemplated writing my first novel. What would I write about? I knew instantly. There was no choice. I had received a Visitation from a Higher Creative Force that swept down, enfolded me in its wings, and lifted me to a place where I do not ordinarily reside. That novel, THE PROVIDER, the first of five novels, will be published in January.

Since then, for four more novels and a collection of short stories, my Muse has been embracing me.  I am a late bloomer to writing. The busy gods, preoccupied, had suddenly turned to look my way and said, “It’s her time.”

A few years ago, I saw a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York of two people having a discussion. My Muse taped my shoulder. I purchased the postcard of the painting, filed it away carefully, and now have it out. The Muse and are talking about it.