Book Talks & Q&A’s

May 10, 2012

Now that I have begun to give book talks, I find that  each is an intimate engagement between me and my audience.  This is so because of the nature of my novel THE PROVIDER, for it is the writing of my perceptions of my parents’ life.

During the last Q&A, someone asked me how I came to know all these things about my parents? “Did your mother tell you?”

My answer awakened me to a truth; it gave me great pleasure.  “I remember everything my mother ever told me. She did not talk much and she did not talk frivolously. Nothing about her was frivolous; her life was very serious.  I suspect that if any of you were to write about your parents, you would find that you, too, remembered everything they ever told you about their lives.”

However, in many cases, there may be more to write when you are a first-second-third generation American because you have the advantage of two cultures.

I  look forward to the Q&A sessions like opening a treasure chest.