About the Novel “The Way They See”

July 28, 2012

First, apologies to my readers from my webmaster who has not yet changed the title of “Faces of Love” to “The Way They See.”

The editing of the novel has been completed. The manuscript has just been sent to the formatter. The long publication process of several months begins.

The following is a brief working description of the novel.

Two small-town friends, Susannah Lindstrom and Sam Geddes, have been inseparable since childhood. In their eighteenth year, they are in love, but each falls victim to a mispercerption of the other’s sudden unexpected behavior. They separate. Sam goes off into the world and becomes a great success and marries into New York society. Susannah stays behind and marries the town newspaper editor. Both marry the wrong person.

This is the story of unrequited love. It is the story of each complicated marriage. It is also a story of parent-child relationships: between wunderkind Sam and his “slow” father, between unfulfilled Susannah and her obliging daughter.

Twenty-five years later, Susannah and Sam meet again.