Are You Still Reading My Blog about the Love Affair Writers Have with Coffee?

September 29, 2012

The High-up Powers  say we writers should blog once a week, every week. Hah! I’ve been so busy since I wrote that last blog which was  three weeks ago (about the love affair writers have with coffee) that I hope you have been reading it once each week for the past three weeks.
Busy with what?

I am marketing THE PROVIDER with complimentary copies to interested book groups all over the country. (Now here’s a test to see if any book group representative is reading this blog and will make an inquiry for a complimentary copy.) Marketing has been thrilling.

I am waiting for my book cover artist to complete his work on THE WAY THEY SEE in order to complete the publication process. Waiting absorbs lots of time.

I am editing CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER, which is number three novel. And I’m taking my sweet time with it. I don’t want the editing on this novel to end. What a wonderful process.

And I am always reading the classics and articles about them. For our up-coming trip to Sweden, though, I am  e-booking  DELIVERANCE  by James Dickey. I just saw the phenomenal movie and have been talking with people about the meaning of the title. No one can nail it. Therefore, I’ll be reading the novel for two reasons: first for the title’s meaning, and second for the descriptive language which has been critically praised.  My back-up books, depending on my mood and time, are ULYSSES (never finished it), and THE AMBASSADORS (for the third time; Henry James is my man).

So unless I have something really hot report, this blog will have to do for awhile.