The Title in the Creative Process

July 12, 2012

You have heard novelists  says, “I have to write it to know what I’m thinking.” This means the writer will  grapple with the theme and the issue, and go along on a journey, telling a story.  When the novel is finished, the writer may then say, “Now what have I written? What did I say?”  And after the writer figures that out, she can then truly think about the title in earnest. The working title may no longer fit—if there was any title at all at the outset.

Presently I am editing a novel  after not having looked at it for two years.  I find that the title passed through several lives: from UNREASONABLE LIVES to  FACES OF LOVE to MISPERCEPTIONS and now, at the conclusion of two editings out of three, but over such a long stretch of time that I was able to  jump the gun and come up with the perfect title: THE WAY THEY SEE.

For those of you who read the novel, you may look each of these titles and say, “Yes I am seeing the creative process at work.”

I think this little blog will amuse  you.