Elizabeth Strout – Author of Olive Kitteridge

April 1, 2013

I traveled all through France last month. For airplane and late night reading, I carried along the 2009 Pulitzer Prize- winning author unfamiliar to me: Elizabeth Strout for her novel OLIVE KITTERIDGE. Run to your local book dealer, to Amazon, to Kindle. Don’t let another day of your life pass without reading this untouchable original of enormous skill.

Supposedly, this is a collection of short stories. It’s really a novel in short stories. The main character runs in and out of the stories in this small town in Main, while several stories are devoted just to her. Such a clever concept.

And the main character is not likeable. How’s that for turning the rules upside down. Despite her unattractiveness, we feel for her; we’re tied up with her so much that this collection of short stories is a page turner. Quite a trick.

Any reader who does not appreciate this book is not old enough, not smart enough, not sensitive enough, and doesn’t know anything. So there!