July 9, 2013

When you are reading a novel and come to a part where you simply have to put down the novel to have a good cry, then the writer has touched you. The same is true if you should get angry with the characters.
Such was the case for two readers of THE PROVIDER at a dinner party last weekend. At the same time, they said that the novel was easy to read.  I posed to these readers that one of my neighbors claimed she could not understand the novel and had to stop and go back.  We concluded that she is not a reader.  I added that she probably came to the novel with so many preconceived ideas that she lived up to the inscription on one the front pages of my second novel THE WAY THEY SEE  (coming out next month).  The inscription reads as follows:

“There is no such thing as an immaculate perception. What you see depends upon what you thought before you looked.” —Myron Tribus, Former director of the Center for Advanced Engineering Study at MIT.