Hot Off the Press – “The Way They See”

July 26, 2013

(Now as a  paperback, and shortly also as an ebook)

I am known to you as the author of 'The Provider'—a Russian Jewish immigrant love story (1922-1960’s). I now bring to you with great pleasure, 'The Way They See'—an American love story, one without any religious affiliations.

Brief Description:
A young, sensitive, small-town couple in love in the 1950’s fall into a single misperception about each other that causes them to spiral off in opposite directions and into alternative lives. Each enters into a problematic marriage, justifies it, rationalizes it, and backs into it further and further, until they see no way out. Twenty-five years later, the couple meets again.

Here is what people are saying about 'The Way They See':

“There’s a thoughtful, gentle magic in Evelyn Marshall’s writing. 'The Way They See' is a heart-rending story about youthful mistakes, misplaced ambitions, and the longing for something more, even if it’s something past. The characters aren’t like any you’ve ever met on a bookshelf, and impossible not to fall in love with.”
—  Trai Cartwright—MFA, Editor, Professor of Fiction Writing

“The book is a true tragedy of a wasted life, and perhaps therein lies the message that ultimately won out in 'The Provider'.   Marshall has once again portrayed characters whom we are cheering for along the way, and eventually, even Susannah gets a chance to thrive and partake of the life she had dreamed and read about all those lonely years.”
— Judy Levin, Chicago

“Well, it seems that Mrs. Evelyn Marshall has done it again.  A complete departure from her last novel, but still a page-turner.  Starting as a coming of age for our principle characters, the novel journeys through several decades of their lives. We are continually driven to know more about them.”
- Mickey Howard, Los Angeles, CA

“'The Way They See' is as enjoyable as 'The Provider', and I loved 'The Provider'!  Evelyn Marshall’s style makes you care about the characters immediately, but it is the story, the story that we love about her books.  The story she creates that makes you hate to have the book end.”
- Bonnie Sanabrais, Cypress, CA                                                            

“Once again author Evelyn Marshall has captured your hearts and emotions with a ‘can’t put it down until I finish’ book.  Small town USA, two best friends of opposite sex go their separate ways – one to the big city and the other staying in their hometown.  Both have different family backgrounds but were brought together forming early childhood friendship.  What happens when these two reunite 25 years later?  Evelyn Marshall’s writing pulls you into the story so that you feel you know these two personally.  'The Way They See' is a must read for everyone.”
— Pegg Heyer, Visalia, CA

“From the beginning, the story takes you right in until you almost think you are, in fact, the main character, sharing all of her feelings. And so 50’s. Wow!”
— Carole Eckhardt, Solvang, CA