October 7, 2013
If you’re wondering why you haven’t read any blogs from me in the last two months, here comes the explanation.

In my personal marketing campaign for my first novel, THE PROVIDER, I mailed out 200 complimentary copies to those people who asked for a copy, people who belonged to book groups in organizations with many chapters. I retained their addresses.

Then my second novel was published and on the market in August, THE WAY THEY SEE. To these same readers, I mailed out my 2-minute video, book cover, and testimonial letter for the new novel.  During the two months following the second mailing, I did not write a blog. I wanted people to come directly to the 2-minute video without having to scroll down in search of it.

By now people are reading copies of the second novel and I am back at my writing desk completing the editing on my third novel, CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER.

The reader will find the three novels radically different from one another, as will be the case for all of my subsequent novels. As the questioner asks, “Which is your favorite novel?” The answer invariably is, “The one I’m working on now.” Publishing date for CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER will be determined after the book cover is designed.

I’s good to be back, chatting with you about the writing life.