Self-Publishing – The Wrench Factor

August 3, 2013

There’s an expression that I think I made up myself. It goes like this:

Everything in life takes longer than you think.
And everything in life is harder than you think.

This certainly describes the rigors of self-publishing a book. Wherever a wrench of delay can be thrown in, it will be. Let the clanking start again.

I’ve gotten my new novel, THE WAY THEY SEE, up on Amazon and B&B. My marketing materials are ready to go out. WRENCH!  What now? The e-book proof is holding up the works. My formatter sent the proof, and I can’t open it. A wrench is a wrench is a wrench.

My book cover took eight months. My artist’s life got in the way with wrenches of another kind.

Trying to establish the “Look Inside” feature is my current favorite wrench, a veritable wrench haven.  Baby wrenches tag along unseen. After I worked through the directions, thinking I was done, a new set of instructions sprang up at me—phase two. it wasn’t pretty.

My suggestion to anybody contemplating self-publishing  is to take mega doses of daily vitamins. And double up on iron pills.