BLOG: The Writer’s Recurrent Theme

June 7, 2014

The literary writer (as distinguished from the mystery and romance writer) often has recurrent philosophical themes.
Fitzgerald wrote about callous rich people, Melville wrote about man vs. nature, Hawthorne about guilt, Faulkner about Southern decadency, Tolstoy about flawed society, Henry James about the unlived life. And Marshall writes about betrayal.

After I finished writing my first novel, I asked myself the question: “So what did I write about?” The answer came: betrayal. The subsequent novels were answered the same way. I simply “discovered” my theme. Ask a literary writer, “What are you writing about?” and the answer will come, “I’ll let you know when I finish the project. I’ll then know, myself.”

I am one of those writers who uses the intuitive and the subconscious. I myself am up for the ride and discovery. There is the fun of it all.