Book Talks

September 11, 2014

As I move along with the public career (marketing) of my novel THE PROVIDER, I have already delivered several book talks. These book talks are show business and I’m a performer. I understand why Broadway performers work out at gyms; they build their stamina for repeating their performance. A one-time performance is a tour de force; but successive performances of the same material are endurance tests.  So I find I must  pace my energy.  This means that I cannot over-rehearse  because I will risk cresting too soon. Think of athletes.

At the same time, my book talks are intimate events. During the Q&A of THE PROVIDER, my  audiences are sharing their own  first, second, third generation immigrant stories.  And when we leave each other, we all quietly return to the contemporary world. Yes, this is historical fiction, but at the same time, the reader will find the issues are also contemporary and universal.

So far, these talks have been given to people who have not yet read the novel, so I must not “give away” the story. However, I do offer “real-life” outside stories about the protagonist who is the basis of the novel.

I would like to say that a few people who have “jumped the gun” by having read the novel before the day of the talk are coming to the event and expressing full hearts for a wonderful reading experience. They elongate the word “wonderful.”  This tells me that the novel is succeeding; it is tapping  into the essential life. 

In the world at large, outside of the book talks, people who have read the book are using that same word, again and again, and writing their reviews accordingly.

This weekend, I will be speaking to my largest group yet–following a temple sabbath service and dinner. Perhaps a hundred people.

Next month, I will be delivering a book group talk where all of the members will have already read the novel. Oh, that’s going to be the best yet. The Q&A will be a treasure chest.