BUCKET LIST of a Fiction Writer

July 31, 2014

I was watching the TV program “Sunday Morning” and in particular a feature about a 19-year-old girl killed by a drunken driver. Her mother discovered in a discreet chamber of her daughter’s cosmetic kit a “Bucket List.” This is highly unusual for a 19-year-old. (She wanted to visit Niagara Falls, the Pacific Ocean, etc.)

I began to think about my fiction writer’s Bucket List. Did I already write enough books to satisfy my List, even though there are two more ready?  Adding new books to the list could go on ad-infinitum.   But why go on and on and on?  I could always turn to becoming a gourmet cook and put on terrific parties or... Couldn’t I?

I looked through my published works. Yes, I can draw a line of satisfaction and completion through them. And what about by soon-to-be-published works.  Do they matter?  Does a writer ever cease adding to the list? 

At this precise  moment, I am listening to Gil Shaham’s violin performance of WILLIAMS THEME  from “Schindler’s List.” He is reaching the deepest recesses of my creativity and strongly stirring me up so that I find myself saying, ” I have only just begun making my writer’s list. ”

Try writing a Bucket List for yourself. See where it gets you.