April 18, 2015

The subtitle to “Conquering Hollywood”  is, “The Screenwriter’s Blueprint for Career Success.”  Gary Goldstein was the producer for “Pretty Woman.”

While listening to Mr. Golstein speak at a social media seminar last week, the epiphany came: The Producer of “Pretty Woman” is a perfect match for my novel “Concerning Georgia Stekker.” I gave a copy of my novel to Mr. Goldstein which he promised to read. I also purchased his book on site.

I am devouring it,  can’t put it down, carry it everywhere, and am reading it back-and-forth—even though I am a novelist rather than a screenwriter. First let me say that the book is first-rate in clarity, knowhow and value.  It offers  stupendous insight and is actually a blueprint to success. THE BLUEPRINT. This book deserves to becomes a classic.

If you have been discouraged with your film efforts so far, read this book. Mr. Goldstein will rejuvenate you and get you going on solid footing to success. He is tremendously encouraging. Just do as he says.

It’s all starts with making personal connections. He tells you how to do it.

Trust him.