My Goodreads Giveaway – Another word

August 17, 2014

If my FIRST Goodreads Giveaway (August 25 – September 25) gathers sufficient interest, I will follow up with Giveaways for my other novels. This first giveaway  suggests that I have never offered a giveaway until now. Such is not the case. For my launching novel, THE PROVIDER, long before I joined Goodreads, I personally sent 200 complimentary copies to Jewish organizations that had reading clubs. My intent was to launch my name (my writer’s voice) to a targeted audience –  the novel was about Russian Jewish immigrants  (1920’s – 1960’s) seeking the American Dream. I have learned from this experience that readers do not write reviews for Amazon, Nook, etc. (People like to read, but not to write.) Even those people who have read this novel more than once did not write reviews.

On the other hand,  Goodreads readers DO write reviews. So my giveaway is for my newest novel, Concerning Georgia Stekker.

This is a cautionary tale about a woman driven to swindle fortune hunters. Here is an excerpt:

Suddenly Katherine Orbach, trembling and grabbing onto the pew in front of her, bracelet banging against the wood, rose up and faced the coffin closer to her. She shouted and her voice echoed through the room, “Larry Fuchs, you think you can treat women any way you want and they’ll get over you. Women never get over you. You ruin women, Larry Fuchs. You win our hearts, and afterward discard us like trash. Look at the damage you’ve done...”