April 12, 2014

The following piece was taken from my April free monthly newsletter (click here).

I just returned from twenty days in Switzerland. Chocolate is the national comfort food. It is floated in morning coffee, spread on toast, stuffed inside croissants, drizzled over fruit, and at dinner even the lowly prune is dredged in it for serving alongside chocolate cake. Switzerland is the home of countless designer chocolate shops; and for Easter, these shops are choked with dazzling exquisities. I carried home six boxes. Chocolate is heavy.

Why was I in Switzerland? My husband Marv had been asked to speak for two days in Basel at an educational conference. So of course I tagged along. While I was visiting a classroom at the International School Basel and perusing a bulletin board covered with English language book  covers, to my surprise in front of my yes was the book cover for a true story by my fellow writer and friend LYNNE COX – a world champion ocean swimmer. The book is, believe it or not,  Swimming to Antarctica. Lynne really did it. This non-fiction book is eye-popping, fascinating, and unforgettable. 5 stars. I recommend it as strongly as possible for everyone. Lynne, what a kick to see your book in Switzerland!