Olive Kitteridge on HBO

September 5, 2014

Who would have believed that such an unlikely and unlikeable character as Olive would become the lead in a mini series on HBO?

I adored this short novel; it is one of my absolute favorite Pulitzer Prize winners.

What is so astounding in the reading of the novel is that through a series of connecting short stories we become fascinated with Olive. She’s tough and ornery. (Like Maxine.) We even become sympathetic. And we can’t get enough of her.  Now that’s a feat.
I thought I was the only person in the world who appreciated Elizabeth Strout’s novel. Then voila: it’s being made into a mini series and everyone on my Facebook page is saying, “I love Olive.”

And who plays Olive: Frances McDormand. Superb casting.

This phenomenon rejuvenates me to hope that literary fiction lives.