June 2, 2015

My monthly newsletters have a very high rating, so whenever someone unsubscribes (which is not often) I worry that maybe I’m not “personal” enough. I rarely receive feedback.  Maybe there is nothing to say. Maybe I should include the following in my next  newsletter.

These days, for whatever reasons, none of which interest you, I am forced to spend the majority of my writing day working on THE ROMANTIC PREDICAMENT. Do you have any idea what that means? Let me tell you: I race walk at 3, market at 4 o’clock and cook at 5 so my husband can eat at 6.  After dinner, there is a short communal love-walk with my husband around the neighborhood. We check out the neighbors, their dogs, home improvement, and now dying lawns. I come home to  dishes,  tuck in a few jabs at FB and Twitter, a small movie, and on to read. If I have sleeping issues that night,  I read some more.  Curently, Elizabeth Strout’s “Burgess Boys,” and “Moby Dick,” and Fran  Lebowitz’s screamingly witty “Social Studies.” Oh that girl! If you like Dorothy Parker, Read Lebowitz.