Love-Marriage Theme in Fiction

July 25, 2015

Love-Marriage is the predominant theme in our society, after career. Sometimes before. Twitter carries mega sites on this theme, giving good and wise advice.  I am in accord with all of them.

The Love-Marriage theme runs through all of my novels. But that is not saying enough, not by a long shot.

Marlon Brando said, “Surprise the audience. Figure out a way never done before. Get them to stop chewing. Never let the audience know how it will turn out.” My theme of love/marriage follows these dictates. In other words, I aim for the unusual and unexpected. Indeed, to get them to stop chewing.

THE PROVIDER – Can a woman love a man who is a relentlessly poor provider?

THE WAY THEY SEE – Can a couple, once in love, get together again after 25 years of baggage in the wrong lives with the wrong mates?

CONCERNING GEORGIA STEKKER – Can a  deserted woman who is  taking revenge on her sociopathic lover also keep her sanity?
(Keep tuned-in for three more completed novels, to be published.)