Senator George J. Mitchell’s Father

June 15, 2015

Senator George Jason Mitchell (Majority Leader of Senate, U.S. Special Envoy to o Ireland,and the Middle East)  was interviewed on the Charlie Rose Show (on May 6) regarding his new book THE NEGOTIATOR. I was totally absorbed in this interview, after which I made efforts for Mr. Mitchell to receive a copy of THE PROVIDER.

Here is the letter  I will include —

Dear Senator Mitchell:

Your interview on Charlie Rose Show (May 6) captured my attention in a profoundly personal way: you talked about your parents, particularly your father.

The American Dream of your immigrant parents’ (Irish father, Lebanese mother) was to provide a college education for their children. (And all of the children did graduate college.) The family was poor; nevertheless, your father worked hard and provided. But at age 50, your father lost his job and fell into a deep gloom for almost a year. The family barely held together. Then your father was hired as a janitor, his spirits dramatically lifted, and he became again a self-respecting proud man. From this came the realization to you that the nobility of work nourishes a man’s spirit, his soul.

(Hence, the Mitchell Institute assists young people on their educational journey.)

I am sending you this copy of THE PROVIDER, my parents’ immigrant story. It is the love story of two Russian Jewish immigrants who met in America in the 1920’s. You may well be taken with their journey, and particularly my father’s journey.

A Finalist Award for Literary Fiction was given it from the 2012 International Book Awards.

Sometime, Senator, when you are in your reading chair, quiet, meditative, the lamplight soft, you may wish to take hold of THE PROVIDER. My parents’ story is intended to resonate in the heart.

Sharing with great pleasure,

Evelyn Marshall