Themes of My Novels

July 8, 2015

I have just finished writing THE ROMANTIC IMPEDIMENT – 67,000 words.

All six of my novels and all of my short stories have a single constant theme: marriage.

Just as William Faulkner admitted to never running out of material about the   decadent South and specifically about his Layfayette, Mississippi, where he lived all of his life, my subject of marriage is a never-ending cornucopia.

THE PROVIDER (2012 – Piper Press) (2012 International Book Awards Contest – Finalist for Literary Fiction)

THE WAY THEY SEE (2013 – Piper Press)


THE DINNER PARTY (unpublished)

THE PIANO PLAYER (unpublished)

*THE ROMANTIC IMPEDIMENT (Completed June 2015)

Glimmertrain (Finalist – 2008 for “The Debt”)