Book Sales in Russia

November 4, 2015

My husband Marv Marshall writes books on stress for teachers and parents. You will be in for a big surprise about foreign sales when you read the following report sent to him by his international distributor.

Book Fair a few weeks and busy, busy following up. I wanted to send you the Royalty report for the Russian editions of PARENTING and DISCIPLINE. I received them shortly before the book fair and went over them in my meeting with EKSMO in Frankfurt. In review

PARENTING went on sale August 2013. softcover
They printed 4,000 + 4,000 + 5,000 = 13,000 and have sold appx. 12,105 as of June 2015.
Unfortunately the the ruble has fallen against the dollar significantly for the past year and no further royalties are due. I had to go over this report again and again to believe that :-) But at least you can say that 12,000 copies have been sold in the Russian language. Congratulations on that.

DISCIPLINE was on sale as of September 2014. hardcover
They printed 4,000 copies and to date have sold appx. 3,024 copies.
I am trying to get the Chinese royalty reports because your books were very popular in Frankfurt with the Chinese and I could have sold them again a few times over.

My co-agent in China said they have asked a few times for the report and will try again. The contract for Parenting – Simplified Chinese edition will ru out summer 2016 so if they don’t cooperate I am surely going to re-sell to a different publisher. I think the book is probably doing very well in China.

In Frankfurt this year I had multiple interest from India for your books and Germany. I’ll let you know what happens.