Disappearing Blog Posts

November 7, 2015

Someone at ConstantContact (where I posted my newsletters for 2 years) won’t give up on the fact that I have discontinued these newsletters. Below are reminders from them, reminders and reminders and reminders. My apologies.

On the other side, someone at Facebook keeps erasing my blogs. Sooo, please remember to check out my BLOGS on my website at EvelynMarshall.com. Also, and better still, on my author page at Amazon.com/author/evelynmarshall.

Why I can’t make this author page “live” is a mystery to me. But remember, Dorothy Parker couldn’t even manage changing her typewriter ribbon.

I’m busy working on ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE. It takes all of my time, except for blogs. I don’t know how a fiction writer can attend to her work and also market. I intend this novel to be in the hands of a proficient agent to publisher.