Newsletter Finale

October 3, 2015

Dear Newsletter Armchair Friends:

For about two years, I have been writing a free monthly newsletter. I have enjoyed myself immensely sharing my interests with you about books, film, art, music, people.

But the time required to write these newsletters has become unwieldy. I am simply too preoccupied writing books and short stories, and submitting them to agents. small presses, and anthologies. I have even submitted one of my unpublished novels reccently to a university press.

Trai, my editor, has just completed her first round of work on my new manuscript, THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE (an improved title over THE ROMANTIC IMPEDIMENT). The pages are filled with exciting suggestions. She wants another 75 pages. I have already set to work on the revision and am submerged in it.

Where is the time for my personal reading?

So I am bringing to a close this episode in my writing life that was so much fun. I will look back on the issues as small treasure chests. I will miss them.
Please continue to look in on me in the following ways:

(1) My author page:

This page has my books, profiles and blogs. This is best source.

(2) You can also read my blogs at my website:

(3) My “personal” Facebook page is still another source.

People have urged me to chat periodically on YouTube. I’ll certainly consider that for the future. If I do it, I’ll write a blog to announce it.

Hope we meet again in my books, (Kindle and paperback)