December 20, 2015

Dear Readers (of my retired newsletters, present Facebook blogs, and twitter pages),

If you recall, my editor Trai Cartwright received the first draft of THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE , and sent it back  with copious notes, asking for 75 more pages.

With my calculations, she asked for about 25,000 more words.

The first draft I had sent her was about 68,000 words. The second draft came in at 96,000 words.

Therefore, I’ve turned out about a  420-page novel. I’m smiling.

I wrote every morning, completely fascinated. My brain was honed; I could do no  wrong. Then the holidays came. I  put on three dinner parties: 

Thanksgiving, Neighborhood Progressive Christmas Party (we were the first house, serving wassail), and the Chanukah dinner party. I continued writing every morning. It gave continuity to my days and weeks.

I finished this second edit yesterday, notified my editor, and sent the manuscript to Sir Speedy to print off a copy for her. She wrote back, “Send it toot sweet.”

All is quiet now. I’m picking up odds and ends in my daily life. There is a vacuum.