Evelyn Marshall's BLOG - March 10, 2017

Hello all you lovely people who haven’t heard from me for a few months. Spring arrives March 20.  

You will notice this is a BLOG. I’ve done away with the BULLETIN.  Too confusing.  Everything is lumped together here. Much shorter than my former newsletter.                                                        

There are ten advance readers in my Special Reading Group for THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE. I am waiting for seven to finish and write a short testimonial that will be included in the front pages of the novel. I just learned that two of the seven readers never received their advance copies of the novel. That will slow up the process, but what’s the hurry?

However on Friday night, I ran into one of the seven who finished reading. She fell in love with the novel.

I did send query letters for the novel hither and yon to agents who subsequently did not bite. Nothing new there. I am in some very famous and prestigious company. A few of my queries are still out there, but I will continue with my plan to have the novel published on Amazon/Kindle/Select for a 3-month exclusive. Afterward, to paperback.

Agents are looking for books they believe have a market. Oh they say they insist on good writing, but that isn’t what sells most novels. The agents have their eye on the moneymakers: children’s lit, romance, erotica, and thrillers. Their standard rejection phrase is: “Ours is a subjective business. Sorry, this is not a match for me.

Here is how the personal match works, as I see it:

Several times a year I receive mail from the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Included are a sample of six note cards bearing different scenes: flowers, a boat, animals, buildings, people. Year after year, I mail a contribution for the six cards, but never place an order. This year, one card came through titled “A Moment of Peace” by a UK artist Keith Jansz. The subject is a girl in a summer garden reading under an umbrella. (See the photo.) I fell in love with the card so much that I called to order a stock of only this card. Not possible to single out one artist, I learned in an extensive conversation. Think, for a moment, of me as a literary agent reading through hundreds of queries (synopses) before I make a match. Yes, hundreds, even thousands. 

I’ll let you know when THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE is self-published on kindle. I’m still shooting for May.