AN AWARD for THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE - Evelyn's Blog for June 1, 2017

Even before the novel is out the gate, it garnered a Finalist Award for Literary Fiction from the 2017 International Book Award contest. I entered this contest once before in 2012 for THE PROVIDER and won the same award. After 2012, I never entered a contest again, hoping to connect with a literary agent. That goal was never met. Worry not! I am in some stellar company, even with great writers who never won awards. 

A word about THE PROVIDER. Last year, I heard Senator George Mitchell in an interview talking about his father. The story went that his father was a manual laborer who managed to support a large family well enough. But when he was 50 years old, he lost his employment and was devastated.  He was so depressed that the family almost fell apart. A year later, he found employment as janitor and his self-esteem was restored. Senator Mitchell realized how important work is to a man's dignity.

Recently, NORMAN LEAR was interviewed and spoke of his childhood during the Great Depression where the common expression was "Be a good provider." 

To both men I sent a copy of THE PROVIDER with an inscription, "To resonate in the heart."

So long for now. I'll be talking with you soon again.