Evelyn's Blog for July 19, 2017 - The Scoop

Hi Everybody,

THE ROMANTIC IMPERATIVE is now on Amazon, at home with my other titles. It is the first of my novels to be published only as an ebook. Let's see how it goes.  My paperbacks are passed along free from person to person, and I have no way to know how many people are reading them. A review on Amazon would compensate the author, even if a friend received a passed-along free copy. 

My six reviewers were real troopers: Arlene Germann, Andrea Tabor, Lisa Sandoval, Bonnie Sanabrais, Linda Allison, and Alma Herman. Thanks you again very much.


1. The original title was THE ROMANTIC IMPEDIMENT. But my editor, Trai Cartwright, believed that IMPERATIVE was more palatable, even though the first title was more to the point. After the title was set in stone, I reconsidered - too late. With IMPERATIVE, the read expects a walloping, gushy romance dripping off the page from first to last. But didn't do that because I don't write romances. I write love stories, and variations on the theme thereof.

2. The novel has imbedded in it three of my short stories. You can find them easily, if you haven't already. Let me know, and I'll tell you if you're right.


Believe it or not, I wrote a second Jewish novel. It came as a surprise to me. Title: AN INCIDENT IN THE FAMILY. The story sat in Marv's family history and suddenly loomed up in my face. I wrote it in a flash. Edited it twice, and am preparing to enter it in the National Jewish Book Awards contest. Here's the pitch:

In 1925, an uncle marries his niece (an Avunculate Marriage). They have 2 children, the first normal, the second vastly retarded. In 1935, during the Great Depression, the father takes the now 6-year-old retarded child in the car with him. The garage door is closed. He starts the engine. 

 (56,000 words – a generational literary novel based on a true story)

The novel is short, but not a novella. It's long enough.

I'll write to you more often, and hope to hear from you.