Evelyn's Blog for Sept 22, 2017 - "INCIDENT" - WHAT ARE ITS CHANCES?

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My excerpt from "Incident" was just published this month in JewishFiction.net. Take a look at the setup, and the excerpt. You'll be proud of me. 

My printer, LightningSource, notified me that paperback copies are now available. So I mailed 12 copies to the National Jewish Book Awards contest, ending October 3 - for consideration.

INDULGE me, please: I need to CONFESS something to you. I have written seven novels, a series of short stories, a screenplay, AND I always was mindful of their structure and progression. However, "Incident in the Family" had a mind of its own.  I held onto the novel as to the tail of a racing tiger.  One chapter shot on to the next, I came to the end, and stopped abruptly.  Either it is a WEIRD one-of-a-kind novel, or I have shifted to a new form of novel writing. This latter phenomenom occured with John LeCarre. He wrote one novel very, very fast and said, "It's a once and a lifetime experience."