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Opening chapters were published in, 2017 issue (Vol. #19). This novel is currently entered into the National Jewish Book Awards contest for 2017.

"Innovated and lyrical, 'The Provider' offers an original perspective on an immigrant’s trials, hopes, and dreams. Evelyn Marshall’s style of writing is beautifully descriptive and captures real moments of struggle."
- Rabbi Nancy Meyers

"Marshall is masterful in encompassing the eras in the novel, beginning with 1920.  'The Provider' in my opinion, is a book that is educational, as far as the immigrant experience, assimilation within time and place, and a novel that Marshall has written with brilliance and sensitivity. I highly recommend this novel."
- Lorri M. Book Review

"Strong women are always a challenge in literature.  You balanced well the seesaw of Rosa’s life in her ambitions and her love, her disappointments and her joys. I thought you handled the dialogue especially well – I feel I heard their voices, accents and all, in my head. You also took an interesting turn by starting them in Chicago and taking them to California, when so much of this genre begins in New York and stays east coast."
- Judy Levin Book Review

"'The Provider' is a story that carries the reader through the challenges of a Russian immigrant family as they attempt to find their way to a better life in America during the depression. The cast of compelling characters made this book one that I will remember. Beautifully written, touching dialogue, and all in all a delightful read. I was sorry to come to the end."
- mjrCA (Amazon, 5 Stars)

"I read 'The Provider' months ago but it remains for me an inspiration for life."
- Helene Holley Gibbs (Amazon, 5 Stars)

"I finished the book and loved it. Just loved it. I had been so engrossed in it that I was sorry to have it end. I am in awe of Evelyn Marshall for writing it, and look forward to her next book."
- Bonnie Sanabrais (Amazon, 5 Stars)

"'The Provider' provides: Hopes, dreams of newly minted Americans in their wishful Golden Valley. Evelyn Marshall’s novel, “The Provider,” captures love, broken commitments, shrill human humor, dailiness of idealized work, partnership and endurance. Her story is about bouncing back and practicing a practical life. On the other hand the novel explores people being used and useful. Her book is populated with humans we know and care about. Marshall’s novel probes insights into the human condition. When Russian immigrants begin melding into America with American values and traditions, how is it that some people are amply successful while other people founder, caught in webs of frustration and measurable failure? Hopes and dreams are upended. What goes right is unstable. What goes wrong is stable. 'The Provider' provides a vivid story for us."
 - Joni Gordon (Newspace Gallery)

“Simply stated, Evelyn Marshall has a true novelist’s gift for storytelling. In 'The Way They See', she has created characters whom the reader quickly becomes attached to and a literary roller coaster of a ride that grasps the reader’s total attention. Thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end, 'The Way They See' will have particular appeal for women readers and would make a decidedly popular addition to community library Fiction collections.”
- Midwest Book Review

"Rendered with enchanting details describing mundane activities such as putting the kettle on, 'The circular blue flame puffed alive and began its jittery dance'. 'The Way They See' by Evelyn Marshall is a romantic tale that portrays the tragedy defined by great expectations dashed."
- Portland Book Review (5 Stars)

"I really savored this book. I didn't want it to end. This is the second book I've read by Evelyn Marshall and so enjoy the way she writes. I kept going back to the book every little bit of free time I had and looked forward to bedtime so I could keep reading. Her writing style is so descriptive that I feel like I'm right there with her characters and seeing everything with my own eyes. The adjectives and adverbs she employs add so much richness to the scenes she describes, its truly a pleasure to enjoy."
- Lisa Sandoval (Amazon, 5 Stars)

"I loved the book - I was so afraid there weren't enough pages left for it to end up "right"! But there were!"
 Judith Lott (GoodReads, 5 of 5 Stars)

"Loved this book! The story of Sam and Susannah is so amazing and triumphant. I can't wait to read more by Evelyn Marshall."
- Michelle Pittman (GoodReads, 5 of 5 Stars) 

"There is no one in the literary world like 'Georgia Stekker'. She’s a tragic anti-heroine we can’t help but fall in love with, even as she works to detach us from our wallets. Beautiful, smart, cunning, and broken — 'Georgia' is Evelyn Marshall’s most divine creation yet."
- Trai Cartwright (MFA|Editor|Prof. of Fiction Writing)

"I was totally taken back with how much I loved this book! Starting out, this book just felt so much more sophisticated and intelligent than most of the books I have read recently. I felt like I was reading a classic."
- Emily Cargyle  (GoodReads)

"This book is a meticulous study of neurosis and revenge when a young woman is unable to get over being ditched by her lover."
- Penelope James (GoodReads, 5 of 5 Stars) 

"Wow! Marshall can write! This book is a page turner, a plot so unusual, characters that are really different and one you cannot, just cannot put down. Though the main character is very flawed you cannot help but be on her side as she moves through problems to destiny. If you like books that are compelling, enjoyable, a little on the dark side you will certainly like this book.”
J. Robert Ewbank, Author (GoodReads)

"I was swept away by the beguiling 'Georgia Stekker' who's formidable intelligence and devastating beauty come to life as Evelyn Marshall casts her literary spell with the vividly descriptive style of writing I have come to love. 'Georgia Stekker' is the star about which a cast of characters unwittingly orbit until the gravity of circumstances becomes so great that they are all unable to escape."
- Christopher Wheeler (Amazon, 5 Stars)

"This is a psychological drama. It is a story of love and the power of the mind to alter one’s life. Evelyn Marshall’s writing style is so gripping that it is difficult to let go of the reading."
- Andrea Tabor, Anaheim, CA

"Oh wow, what a story, and what a gal 'Georgia' was! I’ll think about it and her forever! I was thinking what a great movie it would make and who should play the characters!! I loved the book."
- Bonnie Sanabrais, Cypress, CA